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Is your leadership team representative?

As a specialist leadership and permanent services recruiter in the education sector we have seen first-hand the positive effect a diverse leadership team can have in a school environment. With the current percentage of black female headteachers being just 0.2% we wanted to highlight some ways in which you can diversify your school leadership team.

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Betty Campbell Wales' First Female and Black Headteacher

 We wanted to take the time to shine a light on Betty Campbell, a figurehead for the development of women’s role in education and Wales’ first female and black headteacher.

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5 Tips for SENCos

Working as a special education needs coordinator (SENCo) can be a rewarding role. However, it can be difficult to balance the ever-changing demands of students and staff, your work-life balance and your more holistic plan for the school year.

We have some advice as to how you can deal with all of these commitments successfully.

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The New Covid Rules in Schools

Following the latest announcement, made by the Prime Minister, you may be concerned with how the easing of Plan B measures could affect your school. Here's some information.

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How to Impress in your Headteacher Interview

Here are a few ways you can impress in your Headteacher interview.




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