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 How to make a school great

What makes a good school? It's the age-old question. The term good is very subjective and as such everyone's version of good is different. For some, it may be all about statistics and results, while for others it may be more about the culture of the school and what it inspires. 

With that said, we wanted to focus on a few of the more intangible elements that create great schools.

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School climate 

Were you to ask students or teachers what their perfect school environment would look like? We are positive that they'd said it would be one where they felt valued and accepted. 

This type of culture is something that comes from the top down. In order to make this a reality in your school, you need to set an example and instil this type of behaviour in both your staff and students. 

Quality staff

Having great teachers definitely makes a school great! Creating your school and classroom with positive relationships sets a good atmosphere for learning. 

Great teachers are able to differentiate instructions and challenge, modify and enrich students' lives on a daily basis. Moreover, they care about their students and will do whatever it takes to ensure they succeed. 

It's not just about the teaching staff though. Support staff - both classroom-based and non-classroom-based (e.g. caretakers and office staff) also play a big role in creating the school's culture and in ensuring that all runs smoothly.

Community involvement   

A school is a part of a community, and a great school interacts with its community and takes part in all it can. There are many ways your school can get involved within your community such as attending community-led events, volunteering or donating items like food to local charities. 

You may also bring the community to you by running your own events or arranging learning sessions with the local police and firefighters to help further educate your students. 


A strong leadership team helps to make a school great. A good leadership team works well together as a team and displays a range of strengths in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes; have roles and responsibilities which are clear to staff; and are competent in fulfilling their individual management responsibilities.

As we said above, the idea of a good school looks different to different people but we can all agree that the qualities above would certainly go a long way towards it.

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